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How do you take a household brand name, an institution that already has a strong identity and adapt it so it more strongly resonates with a new audience? It’s a challenge to say the least, but it is a challenge Solstice Advertising was prepared to do.

In February, the U.S. Forest Service Alaska Region, as a part of the United Nations initiative declaring 2011 the International Year of Forests, hired Solstice Advertising to micro-brand Alaska’s federal forests.

The challenge for the agency was to update the brand to be more relevant for a diverse Alaska audience while still being true to its strong roots. The agency had two weeks to create a variety of micro-brand identities for this a year-long initiative.

To begin the process, Solstice Advertising’s two teams came at it from two very different approaches – one classic and one bold.

The client chose the hip, vintage, eye-catching BOLD look, with the theme:

“Alaska’s Forests: More Than a Place to Visit – It’s Where We Live!”

With a zap! and a pow! production began and Solstice created four micro-brand identities, the first of which, “Explore Your Backyard,” can be seen in a poster series throughout Southeast and Southcentral Alaska.

On message, on time, on budget and way more than you expect – that’s how we roll.

Keep your eyes open, you’re sure to see more of the posters. Collect them all.

We live for this stuff! Let us bring the Solstice Shine to your organization. Email or call us at 907.258.5411 to arrange a meeting.

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In the community

In February, Solstice’s own, Teeka Ballas organized and ran the statewide youth writing competition. The Alaska youth writing competition is the regional affiliation to the national organization, Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. Several of the gold winners of the statewide competition will now go on to the national competition to compete for more than $30 million in grants and scholar-ships. This was the first year Alaska’s youth have had an opportunity to compete in this 88-year old competition.

As a big proponent of youth and writing, Ballas is also mentoring a high school journalism student during the month of March for the Alaska Teen Media Institute’s involvement with this year’s Alaska Press Club conference.

The Solstice Advertising Illuminator